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Learn! Earn! Give! Program

The Learn! Earn! Give! program is dedicated to building effective leaders of tomorrow by investing in today’s high school students. The program has two components-a series of leadership sessions, presented by respected community leaders, and community service projects done on the student’s own time. The student earns up to $50 per eligible hour of community service (see our Preferred Partners!).

The Distinct SELF Advantages

100% of public donations go directly to community service projects and college scholarships

We believe in our mission more than anybody. That’s why our Board of Directors will attempt to offset all overhead and administration charges to make sure that 100% of the public funds we receive go directly to the cause they are intended to support. Our strict policy of transparency allows you to donate in confidence and make the most out of your generosity.

Accountability and Transparency

To create an environment of trust with donors, volunteers, participants, and regulatory agencies, The SELF Movement maintains accurate and current records of all substantial transactions. You can find Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and Financial Records on our website.


By focusing on a wide range of community service projects, The SELF Movement can effectively focus on the areas of most concern within the community. Service projects are chosen based on community, corporate partner, and donor input.

A Lifetime of Learning

Let’s face it: schools these days are called on to do so much more than teach. From providing transportation or meals to teaching basic life skills, the influence of schools are extends beyond the books. In today’s atmosphere of tightening budgets, schools need help more than ever to supplement their daily activities with the help of non-profit organizations. The SELF Movement is well positioned to build on formal education and provide a roadmap for life.

An Investment in the Future-That Works Today, Too!

A $10,000 grant provides $14,170+ in benefits to the community! That’s $10,000 in scholarships to highly motivated high school students, leadership mentoring courses hosted by respected community leaders, and over 200 hours in community service for local non-profit organizations (at a value of $20.85 per hour)!

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