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Garrick Gibson

Garrick Gibson has been described as an intense seeker, a born innovator and a true teacher. He has an innate ability to see people for who they truly are and use his talents to help them to express their inner genius through visual communication. Garrick has an extensive background in fine arts, graphic design, web design and multimedia. He uses these mediums to help clients express their super natural abilities. Much of his communications skills were honed during the early days of his career in the newspaper industry. As a visual journalist, he became very accustomed to working under pressure and producing quality work within tight deadlines.

Garrick continued to develop his skillset with companies such as ATP Professional Men’s Tennis and Vistakon, maker of Acuvue contact lenses. Garrick serves as Senior Visual Communications Designer for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, spending much of his time wielding the power of pictures, symbols, colors and words to express complex business issues, tell stories, illustrate and communicate ideas and information. Leveraging this talent of crafting genuine and compelling work helps the Sales Force to win in the marketplace and has supported the national accounts team’s acquisition of large accounts in 2010 and 2011.

Personally, Garrick is constantly working on personal development and self-improvement; physically, mentally and spiritually. Over the past two years he has drastically improved his health and well-being by losing over 60 pounds and completing his first marathon. Garrick and his lovely wife of ten years, Ronique, share a beautiful daughter who is preparing for pre-school and are also raising their two teenage a boys – one preparing for high school and the other for college. Garrick and his family live in the Mandarin community of Jacksonville, Florida.

Director, The SELF Movement, Inc.

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