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Jennifer Connell

Jennifer Connell is not your typical entrepreneur. She thrives when she serves in a consultative role, supporting individuals in developing their internal capacity to lead, adapt to change, and achieve new heights of success. She earned her Master’s degree in Organizational Systems and integrates her multi-disciplinary professional and personal experience with her integrity, humor, creativity and passion. Her dynamic style enhances her ability to bridge the gap between an individual’s vision and the human resources required to fulfill it.

Jennifer appreciates the difficulties and rewards of working in the corporate structure. She has assisted public, private, and not-for-profit clients including State Farm Insurance, First Coast Technical College, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, City of West Palm Beach, public school districts in multiple states, the SELF Movement, Character Counts!, and Ricoh-USA. She has a powerful ability to facilitate groups and individuals to identify the root cause of a challenge and to increase their collective and individual capacity to create sustainable success. As an accomplished businesswoman with years of both domestic and international experience, Jennifer has helped businesses incorporate leading edge disciplines and tools to cultivate healthy communication, enhanced employee engagement, and foster sustainable success.

Her entrepreneurial spirit is boundless. After building and then selling a successful nutrition and exercise center in New Jersey, Jennifer moved to Florida where she now lives and thoroughly enjoys her community involvement service and working with organizations and groups that welcome growth and change.

Vice President, The SELF Movement, Inc.

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