How It Works

How YOU Can Earn Scholarships

Step #1: Fill Out the Application!

Go to our Learn! Earn! Give! participant page and fill out the application. When you’re done, hit the submit bottom. You will also need to submit the following two item to this email:

1. A typed 1-2 page (double spaced, 12 pt font) essay that answers the following question: Millions of people volunteer their time and talents every day to serve people in need. Why do you want to be a volunteer and what, if anything, do you gain from serving others?

2. An official copy of your transcript OR signed statement from a school counselor that you are enrolled at the high school listed above.

Step #2: Attend the Learn! Earn! Give! Session

Students accepted into the L-E-G program will attend our interactive leadership sessions with community leaders! You’ll gain valuable leadership skills from distinguished leaders in private,non-profit, and military sectors that will promote healthy communication and effective decision-making. Past speakers are listed on our upcoming speakers page.

Step #3: Perform Community Service

Volunteer at your convenience with one of our Preferred Partners and earn $50/hour!

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