Our Mission and Vision

What We Know

What We Believe

  • There are many components of compassion and empathy that are influenced by education and experience
  • An understanding of the human condition creates more effective leaders and sustainable community improvements increase national productivity
  • The number of those living without basic requirements of life is directly tied to the compassion and empathy of others
  • The United States government is positioning itself at the federal level to invest in tomorrow’s leaders

What We Envision for the Future

  • The SELF Movement envisions a world in which all leaders understand the conditions of those they lead, provide products and services for, and coexist with
  • The SELF Movement will revoluntionize the way non- and for-profit organizations collaborate to invest in tomorrow’s leaders and increase the productivity of local communities by providing sustainable opportunities for the perceived less fortunate

The SELF Movement’s Mission is

  • To encourage effective decision making and develop functional leadership qualities in high school students and to create sustainable community improvements

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