What are the Rules?

Teen Safe Driving Video Contest

2013 Video Contest Official Rules
1. Best Picture videos will be judged on educational value and creativity:
a. Educational Value (50%): Does your video capture the attention of your audience and clearly illustrate the dangers of distracted or impaired driving?
b. Creativity (50%): Is the content, idea, or delivery of your video unique?
2. Videos can be submitted by individuals or teams of no more than four qualified team members. Qualified team members are defined as (i) be enrolled in a public
or private Duval County high school or, if home schooled in the State of Florida, permanently reside in Duval County, (ii) be aged 14-18, and (iii) be listed on the video submission. Any persons appearing in a video but not listed as a qualified team member on the submission will be ineligible for a prize. If under 18 years of age, the student entering the competition must have parental/guardian approval.
3. If the winning video is submitted by a student or group of students that do not all attend the same Duval County Public High School, the qualified team member(s) shall select a DCPS high school at
the time of registration to receive the $1,000 public high school donation.
4. Though qualified team members must be teens, the videos may include other supporting actors/actresses such as parents, friends, siblings, or any other community members.
All participants in the video must sign a release form so that their images may be used and the video shown publicly. Release forms may be downloaded from http://www.theselfmovement.org/tsd-release.
5. By entering the contest, all qualified team members acknowledge that their video is their own original work. Videos may not contain any copyrighted or trademarked material, including copyrighted
music. Stock music files can be purchased online at http://www.istockphoto.com/audio for a nominal fee.
6. Videos that have previously been published or broadcast by any other publication or media company will be disqualified.
7. Videos containing inappropriate content (anything that wouldn’t be appropriate in a high school classroom as determined by a panelist from Duval County Public Schools) will be disqualified.
8.The SELF Movement and its sponsors are not responsible for lost, late, or misdirected video submissions or for printing or electronic malfunction.
9.All entries submitted that are duplicates, illegal, or ineligible will be void. All entries become property of The SELF Movement, Inc., a Florida-based corporation, and will not be returned.
10. The SELF Movement reserves the right to edit any and all videos for any reason and without notification to or approval by the entrant(s).
11. Students may artistically show a violation of a state law as part of the video’s creative content. However, compliance with all federal, state, and local laws must be followed at all times in the
production of your video especially as they pertain to roads, highways, and parking lots. Videos cannot portray anyone under the age of 21 consuming, or pretending to consume, alcohol.
12. The SELF Movement and its sponsors accept no responsibility or liability in connection with any injuries, losses, or damages of any kind caused by or resulting from the video contest, including
video production and the prizes awarded.
13. The SELF Movement reserves the right to change any aforementioned date(s) in the Official Rules at any time.

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